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23 Jan 2024

Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management : Where Dreams Come True

A hotel is more than just a place where you retire for the night. A good hotel experience should rejuvenate your senses and revive your enthusiasm for travel. At SBIHM, we firmly believe in the idea of perfecting every aspect of the hotel industry by providing the very best educational facilities and infrastructure at our state-of-the-art hospitality education institute. If you are an aspiring hotel management student wanting to study at the best institute of hotel management, read through this to know why we are the best choice for you!

World-Class Infrastructure at Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management

At SBIHM, we have worked hard to create a campus replete with the finest equipment, machinery and industrial-grade practical labs and facilities so students can educate themselves on the intricacies and complexities of hotel management in real-world situations. Take a look:

• Basic and Advanced Food Production Labs

A significant part of any hotel experience is the food and cuisines that are provided to guests and visitors. Realising the need for capable students with proper culinary experience and skills, we have brought together the finest equipment, storage and modern cooking technology to create both a Basic and an Advanced food production lab.

Students can gain proficiency in cooking with the different industrial-standard utensils and machinery, giving them hands-on experience on how modern kitchens work and operate. Moreover, our Advanced food production lab is further equipped to help our final year students to fine-tune their skills and knowledge levels on international and regional cuisines.

• Restaurant Training Lab

Restaurants are an intricate part of every hotel experience. Most luxury hotel properties boast of multiple restaurants serving global cuisines under one roof. It is an avenue for marketing as well since the restaurant reflects the philosophy and practices of the hotel itself.

Thus, at SBIHM, we leave no stone unturned in giving our students time and opportunity to practice their hospitality skills, customer manners and etiquette in the most realistic restaurant settings. This is an important skill that students should learn, which most other hotel management colleges in Kolkata neglect while offering their courses.

• Housekeeping Lab

A crucial part of any hotel experience is the hotel room itself. Ideally, a hotel room should be spick and span with everything in its place, milky white linens and well-stocked accessories. The hotel room is where the guest experience truly unfolds, and the duty to uphold all the standards falls on the shoulders of the housekeeping team.

At SBIHM, we have designed an exquisite housekeeping lab where students who wish to work in this sector can gain real-world exposure to actual hotel room settings. Under the supervision of industry experts, they can sharpen their housekeeping and hospitality skills. Other aspects of the guest experience, such as staff manners and body language, are also effectively improved through the learning provided by our expert faculty members.

Industry Experience and Training with Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management

Any educational experience is incomplete without industrial training and on-duty exposure, which reveals the real-world challenges that students have to face at their future workplaces. To this end, we make sure our students are well-equipped to face such challenges by providing:

• Industrial Visits

SBIHM makes sure that every batch of students makes multiple industrial visits within a semester to various leading hospitality chains and hotels, helping them get acquainted with the demands of this industry. It also helps students to get a brief idea of the work culture and atmosphere at several brands, helping them make future workplace decisions when they have to.

• Seminars and Conferences

One of the greatest benefits of studying at the best institute of hotel management is that students can interact with industrial experts and professionals through our ample number of seminars and conferences. The hotel industry is a constantly evolving one, with management and practice standards that keep changing.

Thus, to remain updated with the latest practices and conventions, we invite several guest speakers within a semester, who are veterans of the hotel and hospitality industry. Moreover, they are completely in the know of contemporary skills and challenges that students must incorporate and face. Thus, students can gain a world of knowledge through these educational endeavours.

Choose Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management For The Best Opportunities

So, as a hotel management aspirant, if you wish to achieve your true potential and become an effective member of the hotel industry and community, SBIHM is your best chance to open the doors of success! Visit our website to get an in-depth look at our world-class infrastructure and facilities so you get a better idea of what to expect. Join us and work towards achieving every goal in life!