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*Subhas Bose Institute Of Hotel Management affiliated by The Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology, West Bengal(University Code:358). *Subhas Bose Institute Of Fashion Technology affiliated by The Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology (University Code:358).

How technology can be a path to recovery for hotels in India?

Technology will play a vital role in India's hospitality industry's long road to redemption from the Coronavirus crisis.

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Institute of Hotel Management with Better Placement Assistance

Hotel management is one of the top rated courses in India presently. That is the reason that so many different institutes offer a course in this field. Hotel management courses are increasing by the second.

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Learning healthcare Management in COVID-19 Period; Honest Truth

The advent of healthcare management course has ensured that the new generations of students who are learning this degree get to know all about the newer rules which are part and parcel of the medicine business. Its new sanitation, precautions and regulation policies are something which people have to keep in mind in order to ensure that these industries are functioning in sync and properly.

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Guide to Launching Your Healthcare Management Career

The management of hospitals in Kolkata is a career of high demand and importance. The rising need for high-level talent in medical institutions has generated an enormous job drive for hospital administrators.

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Reviewing Fashion Trends of 2020

In order to understand the top trends in fashion and study with an updated curriculum; one has to join a top college. Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management (SBIHM) is the top fashion designing college in Kolkata. They have an updated and industry oriented fashion designing curriculum which is going to be perfect for your success.

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How to Know if a Hotel Management Career is Right for You

It has earned the reputation of being the universal career choice for most students. People who find their career options bleak also resort to hotel management to find some of the brightest and career enhancing opportunities here.

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COVID-19 and hotel management: jobs, service and sustaining businesses

It's important to understand that there are tons of jobs and employment factors which are at risk. Therefore, a hotel staying in business really helps people pay their bills and keep themselves afloat.

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Turn Your Passion into Your Profession by Joining Fashion Designing Institute in Kolkata

The passion to design clothes, make new statements and style is not farfetched anymore. By joining a fashion designing institute in Kolkata, you become eligible to pursue your career as a fashion designer.

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Five Things That Matter When You Are Learning Hotel Management

When you are enrolled in a hotel management course in Kolkata, you would find that there are a couple of things which are of great importance.

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