Bachelor of

Culinary Science

What is the course all about Bachelor of Culinary Science?

Culinary Science is a program, that combining Culinary skills and food science in an appropriate manner to achieve desired product(Dishes). Science is an indispensable and constant application in culinary process. Food science emphases solely on the biochemistry while culinary science concentrates both culinary arts and nutriment science.


Students here gets to go through main subject which is Food and Beverage Production in depth,

  • Basics of Food & Beverage Production
  • Food Production Operation
  • Contemporary Asian and World Cuisine & Baking Skills
  • Charcuterie and Intermediate Bakery
  • Advanced Food Production
  • Indian Regional Cuisine

however, there are quite a few supplementary subjects are important to read simultaneously those help to enhance their knowledge in practical application in their day to day work. Those subjects are –

  • Menu Functions and Material Management
  • Institutional and Industrial Catering
  • Food and Wine Philosophy
  • Environmental Science
  • Principles of Food Legislation and Food Cost Controls
  • Kitchen Facility Planning
  • Food costing

Job Portfolio

The person once gets through in any organization in the beginning he or she has to go through many scheduled trainings and then gets familiarized with the dept. as per scheduled made by Hotel Training Dept. Secondly the Job portfolio varies Hotel to Hotel and Organization to Organization. A student can join as a MT Level staff or Entry Label, based on their performance and accordingly the Portfolio varies too. In short MT Level staff is groomed putting in various Dept. for certain tenure for 3-6 months to learn the operation of each and every sections of that particular Dept. and then with a span of 2-3 yrs. based on performance will be Assistant Manager. For others as an Entry Level, they are chosen for particular section to learn and execution, however they can apply for MT Program too.


Job sector

In this case now a days there are many sectors are existing for the Aspirants such as-(Apart from Hotel or Restaurant sector)

  • Cruise Line and Flotel – Passenger and Cargo
  • FMCG Companies
  • Airport and Mall
  • MNC and Native Conglomerate Mall or Departmental store – Walmart, Metro Cash & Carry, Spencer, Big Bazar etc.
  • Airlines and Rail
  • University – Large Canteen and Satellite Kitchen
  • Live TV Cooking show
  • Leisure and Entertainment Centre

The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with growth outpacing the economy. While every aspirant might think of jobs such as chef to extreme Executive chef to Operation Manager till General Manager of an unit. There are in fact many more roles within this dynamic industry. This profession is ideal for the aspirants who wish to work in food and beverage industry or kitchen management or hotel and hospitality management. The professional is usually known as the culinarian, or chefs.

Students need to go through 22-24 weeks of Internship program to any 5-star or 5 star Upper scale Hotel to know the operation thoroughly in various sections to have a in depth knowledge about the food and practical operation.