Acknowledging the Importance of Faculty

Faculties are the path makers of our institution. They are committed for delivering the knowledge and training. Their passion for moulding young minds and genuine interactions that upholds the reputation of the institution was built on scholars and experienced faculties put in their best to train the students in such a way that enlightens their mind and transform their lives truly. “Commitment to excellence” the mission of the college is being implemented only through educated, trained, experienced faculty. Responsibility of faculty includes effective classroom teaching, academic advising and counseling of students continuous development of the curriculum through assessment, applied research or scholarly activity and service such as assisting in recruitment of students and initiatives designed to help students succeed academically, as well as other assigned duties.

Class Room

Class room is equally or might be most important place where students start actual professional educational journey, Fully air conditioned & spacious, adequate classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual teaching aids with network connectivity to facilitate presentation which makes learning at Subhash Bose IHM a world class experience. It almost replaces the regular mode if education where students can take the lectures and interact with faculty and fellow students.

Food Production Lab

The food and beverage service is part of the service-oriented hospitality sector. It can be a part of a large hotel or tourism business. These are all equipped with modern tools as all the section highlight in-depth training. Institute has resembled star graded Hotel restaurant air conditioned luxurious seating arrangement. Mock bar set up, so that students understand and gain perfect knowledge of restaurant operation.


The Food Production Area Has The Following Sections :

  • Basic Food Production Lab
  • Advanced Food Production Lab
  • Bakery and Confectionery Section

Basic Food Production Lab

Equipped with the latest equipments this lab trains the new students in basic Continental and Indian cuisines.

Advanced Food Production Lab

Through this lab the final year students are taught and trained in international cuisines. It is the place where the skills of budding chefs are fine tuned.

Bakery and Confectionery Section

The best way to uplift anyone's mood is to present him with some fluffy cakes and pastries! Eating something you like makes you feel extremely happy and high on energy! This section of the hotel management allures or sometime most important to get trained which will allow you to learn the tricks and techniques you need to be a perfect baker. You need an immense amount of patience and hard work to learn the art of making yeast products confectionery products, variety of baking, freezing, decorating, and styling techniques, among other things. In return, you will be able to bake the best cakes for your loved ones and also start a business of your own! This gives an enough reason to pursue a career in baking Even in India, the growing economy and scope for employment makes it perfect to be a baker in today’s times.. Our two separate bakery labs facilitate the practical classes for the students of 1st and 3rd year.

Theories you will learn-
  • Bakery
  • Confectionery
  • Commodities
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Food Costing
Practicals you will need to perform-
  • Bakery
  • Confectionary
  • Computer Awareness
  • Food Library

Over All Skill Development Programme

'Commitment to Excellence’ is central to the teaching and learning at Subhash Bose IHM College and students to develop leadership quality, organisational and teamwork skills by participating in college events such as Food festival, Educational Seminar. chef contest, Mocktail and Cocktail making contest, Flower management, Theme decoration contest and many others which help them to cultivate their talent, brain storming, exchange of values and ideas that motivate their career life for betterment. In the other hand indoor outdoor games, Fundraising , social and sports activities refresh their minds allow them to become complete professional.

Professional Practical Training

Professional practical training is a core component of the awe inspiring institute. Students develop practical skills and a level of attention to match the professional standard laid down by the world’s top hotels and hospitality industry. Hospitality, more than most other professions, requires a profound knowledge in many areas, including, , Culinary Kitchen, Practical, Restaurant Services Practical, Accommodation Services, Front Office Operations and Information Technology which can only be thoroughly mastered through practical training and Industrial training. Students attending these on job training can be sure that they are being optimally prepared for the professional world.

Training Restaurant

Subhash Bose IHM Kolkata has two training restaurants where the experts train the students in making cocktails and mocktails and serving all types of beverages, experienced how to supervise , handle and satisfy the customers beyond their expectations. Earning this experience in hotel industry will open up possibility to achieve a position worldwide in corporate sectors or individual start up.

Food And Beverage Service Lab

“Food and Beverage Department is responsible for maintaining the high quality of food and service, food costing, managing restaurant, plan, forecast and execute food and beverage orders, also process customer complaints patiently. Plan customized recipes for customers with special dietary needs, check food and beverage supplies and place orders when needed, track and order shipments. It is a very profitable segment for hotel industry. Providing professional, hygienic, and attentive service not only imparts value of money but also retains the existing customers and to bring in new ones. Food and Beverage Service can be called the backbone of the hospitality industry. It is at the core of several other sectors such as catering and food production. It can be part of a large hotel or tourism business and it can also be run as an independent business. ”The mock bar of the institute offers ample scope of learning the basic doctrines of bar-tending. Besides, the students are given training on the various styles of serving alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic beverages and the preparation of various cocktails and mocktails. Food and beverage training methodologies can be used to improve training outcomes for subjects like ammonia refrigeration basics, industrial safety and health, and basic electricity and many others.

Front Office Lab

As FOL is the facade or focal point of a hotel which makes first & last impression on guest SBHIM trains its students in such a way that they feel that training happening in reality. Well decorated spacious lounge is a kind of replica of an actual lobby of a Five Star hotel where the Reception Desk, Bell Desk, World Timer, GRE Desk and connection with updated software enabled computers all remain available so as to provide a practical exposure to the students, under the guidance of qualified, experienced faculties. Students are given elaborate practical training on room reservation, registration, Guest Relations, Telephones handling , Financial accounting, Guest accounting, Revenues Management so on and so forth.

House Keeping Lab

Though housekeeping is considered as the 'back of the house' department yet it has some direct contact with the guests. House keeping department in hotel ensures the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of all rooms and public areas. It is an essential segment in hotel management to meet every need and demand of the guests. The housekeeping lab is specifically designed through which the students acquire first hand quality professional experience. The lab also includes specialised areas like Laundry Operation and Room Management.

Computer Lab

Well equipped with high performance computer lab is present in the campus with required software packages, latest machines, powerful servers, multiple terminals with multiple operating systems. The students are guided by well-experienced faculty members in the lab in the campus. Internet connectivity through LAN and WiFi is available for imparting software and hardware skills to the students for updating the current trends of the industry and day to day management .Institute has its own computer learning outlet exclusively for the use of the students.


The campus buildings are equipped with Wi-Fi. For students without laptops, Subhash Bose IHM provides computer facilities at computer lab which enable them to complete their study assignments able to stay connected with world and learn Share knowledge , communicate, update, develop skill.


institute has a spacious library with a large volumes of books over 18000, ,journals, periodicals and other printed audio video material, journals for growing reading habit of deep and advanced studies among the students. These reference books reading is important for understanding text books and enhance the knowledge on their own besides classroom teachings and text books. The students also have the facility to access the audio video material, computer with internet connectivity inside the library.

Study Rooms

Well ventilated and very well equipped class rooms with the necessary items like white boards, tables and incent for seating, the study rooms of Subhash Bose IHM are primarily for academic purpose of graduate and post graduate students..

Class Notes

As prescribed by the institution the students are provided with class lectures and class notes although in some cases they may have to buy certain books for their reference or of own interest at their cost.

Common Room

A common room in a college or any other educational institution is necessary for the recreation of the students in the recess. This enriches their experience and inspires creative thinking and develops understanding and tolerance. Common Rooms also provide a relaxing space in a busy day to chat, play and unwind. Both Girls' and Boys' common rooms are spacious and airy. They have various indoor game facilities like table tennis, carom and chess. Magazines and newspapers ...

Industrial Visits

Industrial training is an important tenure of combining classroom education and real industry environment. Industrial training as an essential component duration of which ranges from 18 to 24 weeks but the acceptance of industrial training as a vital part of course structure is found in all the universities and higher educational institutes The major objectives of industrial training program enable students real world working environment , Assist students in gaining the skills, transform the knowledge gained from the classroom studies to field, enhance the confidence and morale of the students. We can identify professional development activities to enhance your employability and assist you with industry knowledge to advance your professional standard within the industry after successful industrial training.


For comfort ability and saving time of the students college has provisions of two deluxe buses to pick up and drop the students at their destinations. The Day Scholar Students are also allowed to avail this facility. One of the most awaited moments- annual tours and excursions enable the students to mature their skills and gain insight into the workplace. Along with the impression of a new environment and location, these excursions bring opportunities for the students to develop their understanding of theory taught in lectures by experiencing the ideas and concepts when applied in practice. A few days away from the classroom and syllabus but enjoying in the healthy and informative atmosphere enhance a closer bond among the mates. The teachers accompany the students during such trips with necessary guidance and care.

Seminar and Conference Room

Spacious with modern apparatus, latest public addressing systems, LCD projectors, slide projectors and comfortable seats, capacious auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, departmental functions and other events.

Student Accommodation

The Subhash Bose IHM Student Accommodation offer accommodation in modern rooms equipped with a bathroom, study areas, and Wi-Fi. Living in one of the Subhash Bose IHM student accommodation will put you in the heart of student life, so you can make the most out of your study and leisure time.