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Checkout Top Unique Career Options in Hotel Management

Hotel Management is one of the most lucrative sectors in the job market. It is considered the brainchild of jobs. Everyone who completes a degree or diploma course in hotel management is ought to get a job. The idea which most people have is that after completing a hotel management course in Kolkata, you will start working in hotels or restaurants. However, there are some other unique career options as well. You might not have known this but hotel management degree holders also get to work in several other unique fields.

These are the top 5 unique career options that you can pursue if you complete a course in hotel management.

Media and Entertainment Sector

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry, particularly hotel management and tourism. Once normality is reestablished, this troubled industry is ready to gain traction. For hotel management graduates, this will open up a slew of new job options. The general public has the idea that hotel management courses are only useful for people who want to work in a hotel, some blue-collar professions in the sectors, or chefs at most.

A plethora of hotel management graduates finds work in hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and even theme parks. These circuits, on the other hand, primarily hire qualified personnel for cooking and administrative positions. Management institutes in Kolkata would guide you further about these fields.

Event Planning

Anniversaries, themed parties, and celebrations are not just for the older age. Wedding and partnership anniversaries, landmark celebrations, maternity showers, and other events have pushed them up a level. You can also test the waters at business levels in addition to these social occasions. All of this will necessitate your polished planning, inventiveness, hosting, and management skills.


The Indian police and army' naval and ground wings may have something to offer you. No, you don't have any border warfare experience; your hotel management experience suffices. All you have to do is serve the border guards according to their diet plans. Not to mention the fact that you will be subjected to severe supervision and restricted funds.


Airlines and luxury yacht firms also employ a large number of hospitality graduates. These occupations aren't just limited to kitchens; you'll be expected to offer all-around assistance to your guests. Yachting and resorts are the latest growing topics in the steady increase of luxury leisure. If you work globally, the income is pretty significant. Travelling across the country or around the world is advantageous.

Supervisor of a co working space

The requirement for hospitality specialists and managers is expected to skyrocket as a result of the advent of remote working culture and shared workspaces. Because there aren't many professionals waiting at the gate, the field is open for you if you have the needed skill set. It's a new space that's forming and expanding at a rapid rate.

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