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Reviewing Fashion Trends of 2020

As we bid adieu to 2020 in a few months, this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of the most significant fashion trends created this year. 2020 has been significantly challenging and very extraordinary in a lot of ways. This has impacted the fashion trends and designing atmosphere of the world as well.

When asked to students from some of the top fashion designing course in Kolkata; they said that a lot of trends are sure to be carried forward in the next year too.

Polka Dots

The iconic 60's and 70's were almost back this year with the reemergence of polka dots. This trend created a wave of shopping spree even during lockdown. A lot of brands which are chic like The Label Life also customized polka dotted sleepwear. After all, comfortable was the trend in this whole quarantine period.

The thing with trends of Polka dots is that they are timeless but at the same time very seasonal. The times when they rule the most in public is during the summer and spring times. Most designers and fashion websites launch their collections at those times only.

Faux Leathers

People are pretty biased on leathers. Some would either love them and some would simply not wear them. Faux leathers are one of the leather textures which are really easygoing for both kinds of people. It is also gender neural to a large extent. If you see the best fashion designing courses in Kolkata, they teach how to use various fabrics for making a couple of separate kinds of styles.

Faux leathers were not just limited to the clothes and everyday wear items but they were also becoming a part of the boots and accessories which people carried. Beret, cuffs and choker styles of leather or leather looking material had been a craze for a while. It won't be wrong to say that when we bid goodbye to 2020, we can say goodbye to some of the trends like the one mentioned here.

Tassels and Ruffles

There was a lot of love shown to DIY garment materials. Tassels and ruffle patterns happened to be the centre of attention. Fashion designing completely revolutionized the way this kind of trend is used. However, its journey was short lived on rap walks and certain celebrity styles. It did not have the longest journey among people. Many homegrown designers are claiming that they might start crating new designs based on these themes in the days to come.

With uncertain fashion trends, our periphery of the future is going o be equally uncertain.

Awadhi and Sindhi Culture

2020 has been the year when the amalgamation of culture is seen within the fashion and clothing line created. This has been one of the biggest selling points. This creates a bridge of emotion among the people. When your customers can feel a sense of emotion and love with your wardrobe, it is hen that you can actually make good sales.

Luxury designers like Manish Malhotra have tried their best to create good quality fabrics with design inspirations from cultures of Nawab, Awadhi and also a lot of Punjabi and Sindhi culture.

This kind of trend is sure to be seen in the years to come. The response has been amazing and people are always so excited to see something which they feel like they can connect with.

Even for people who don't belong to those cultures, find a sense of exploration and authenticity.

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