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How technology can be a path to recovery for hotels in India?

Technology will play a vital role in India's hospitality industry's long road to redemption from the Coronavirus crisis. The studies, which offers a summary and study of the effect of technology on India's hospitality industry, advises Indian hotel owners to see the crisis as a chance to better their service offerings, re-establish and re-start new tools and a fresh strategy in the years ahead.

It is also proposed that technology would enable Indian hotel owners, who are mostly increasingly dependent on OTAs (Online Travel Agents) for booking, to expand their distribution channels.

As we are now seeing on the industry, hotels will increasingly adopt a more complex multi-channel strategy.

Technology saving the hospitality industry
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Hotel managers must reinvest in a stable infrastructure with a comprehensive and efficient complemented by market management, sales management, and client relationship management, operational and managerial resources. All of these will definitely be taught in the best hotel management college in Kolkata .

There is a strong urge among many hotel owners to change to a modern operating environment with technological enhancements to operate their facilities more efficiently. The study forecasts that the future of Indian hospitality is promising, but warns that hotel managers who do not adapt rapidly will falter and be left bereft.

An Overview of how Technology plays a key role
Hotel Technology
  • Indian hotel managers using the new technologies are well outshining their contemporaries.
  • The success of tech-savvy operations is expected to accelerate post-Covid (which it has).
  • Branded hotels are the fastest growing segment in the Indian hotel industry.
  • Technology is a key factor in the migration from an individual company to a brand.
  • Hotels suing tech make twice the profit of independent properties per bed.
  • The transition will be led by a new wave of tech-savvy millennial bosses.
  • Visitors' data will become more relevant as demand generation is paramount.
  • Increased technologies would allow Indian hotel owners to broaden their delivery.
  • Indian Digital marketing is increasing at 19 per cent per year.

What more will be new? Final Thoughts!

As a result of these developments, the next few years will see a full transformation in the hospitality sector's experiential products and facilities. The range of hospitality facilities that we know will change. New trends would arise, culminating in improvements that would render the sector totally unrecognizable through the increasingly noticeable and irreversible utilization of technologies and processes to generate a post-pandemic hospitality experience.

The complexities of hospitality service will shift and will be simultaneously taught in the best hotel management college in Kolkata towards a highly personal level of service that will be socially remote with high standards of hygiene, and consumers will find a wide range of hospitality packages that will be custom-made.