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COVID-19 and hotel management: jobs, service and sustaining businesses

The worldwide global pandemic of COVID-19 has paralyzed us beyond limits. It has stopped and hampered the sustainable growth of businesses, and most importantly hampered the travel and tourism business. Hospitality industry has been affected very directly in the lieu of the social distancing protocols.

The uncalled for pandemic has really revolutionized the way we travel, visit places or even eat a meal at hotels. The impact has also taken over hotel management institutes which are also incorporating new things into the curriculum. This is helping them prepare the students to work in a post COVID world, whenever that is.

Impact of COVID-19 on hotel businesses

Hotel management industry is worth billions. It is in fact one of the top contributors of Indian economy. The Indian economy benefits in huge amounts each year from the taxes it collects from the hotel and hospitality sector. It is fantastic to think how much possibility there really is for companies and businesses to succeed by being in the hotel management arena.

When all of a sudden this pandemic came in to scene, everything had to be shut down indefinitely. The hotel businesses are really suffering to a magnanimous extent. The whole bloodline of hotels and hospitality institutions is based on serving guests and helping them find accommodation.

With consecutive lockdowns and social distancing rules at peak, it has become almost impossible for these institutions to even function. However, there has been certain relief with the lockdown rules and hotels have started coming back in business.

How are jobs surviving amidst Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus crisis is far from over. It is yet to see a resolution. The pandemic has greatly impacted the ongoing standard business protocols. But once the lockdown restrictions got eased, people have started taking better measures to operate and run their hotel businesses.

It is important to understand that there are tons of jobs and employment factors which are at risk. Therefore, a hotel staying in business really helps people pay their bills and keep themselves afloat.

Understanding the importance of manpower and their reliable services has helped hotels and businesses keep them employed. Whether it is the kitchen staff with chefs or the reception team; they are all getting back to work with necessary precautions and measures kept intact.

Let's learn a little more about the steps hotels are taking to keep everyone safe and keep the trust of their guests.

Precautions to keep hotel in business

The face of servicing and sanitizing in hotels has been completely revolutionized. It is no longer dated where people would just clean tables with clothes or change the sheets after guests leave the rooms.

  • All rooms are properly sanitized after every visit. Everything from the sheets, pillow cases to the floor is cleaned with disinfectants to avoid any cases. The curtains, windows and whole rooms are sprayed with sanitizers as well. This ensures that the hotel rooms are safe for everyone visiting after a guest has left.
  • Sanitizers are being placed at every possible place in the hotel. Whether it is the reception desk, the lobby, gym or any other area; they would be using sanitizers to keep the area squeaky clean.
  • • Additionally, all the staff in the kitchen gets their temperatures checked every few hours. They are constantly wearing masks, hairnets and full body covered clothing to avoid any kind of interaction.

A lot of hotels have also opted for home delivery of their meals to increase their business scope. A lot of restaurants which did not have tie ups with food delivering apps have joined the movement to stay afloat in business.

Investing in precautions and cost cutting

Although, this might seem like the perfect time to do cost cutting and cut down on expenses hat is not how businesses are proceeding.

Hotel industries have no other option other than investing in these healthcare precautions. These would definitely pay back in the longer run when the customers decide to return for more business. This is surely going to be an investment which will make your hotel's brand identity stay intact and keep you running your business quite efficiently.

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